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ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor training enables you to develop the necessary expertise to perform an Information Security Management System (ISMS) audit by applying widely recognized audit principles, procedures and techniques

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Our mission is to help people grow and flourish. We have opened our extensive training video library to you, totally free of charge. You have unlimited access to exclusive instruction videos where you can learn new skills and gain new knowledge about relevant, in-demand subjects including cloud security, cloud management & cybersecurity. Learn anytime, anywhere from industry experts and thought leaders. Start learning today.

Iot Fundamentals

Introduction to Basel II

Data Loss Prevention

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Become a Cyber Security Business Analyst

Cyber Security Business Analysts are some of the most in-demand roles across all sectors and industries and, if you have got the skills, knowledge and a passion to beat the cyber attackers, then you have the potential for a stellar career in a fast-growing niche market.

Cyber Security Business Analysts are the vital link between the business and the technical aspect of any organisation. They understand business needs and goals – and the technical requirements and processes to meet those needs and goals. But they also understand the security challenges of technical progress and human behaviour, and work to strengthen data and system security. They speak business and tech fluently.
Sound good? We will provide everything you need to kick start your career as a Business Analyst in Cyber Security.

After training support

Learning does not stop at the end of your course and neither does our support. We take pride in helping our trainees transfer their knowledge to their new workplace, so we provide on-the-job practical, problem-solving support. Our comprehensive post-training support will help you reinforce your learning and make the best start possible.

Our ongoing support has three proven elements:

Be mentored by a SmartLearning alumnus

Build a long-term relationship with a mentor who’s travelled your path before you and knows what to expect. You can expect guidance and support during your early days of career growth. This amongst other includes a rich knowledge transfer, shared insight, and good solid advice from a friendly, knowledgeable peer.

Become a member of a professional community

When you complete your course with SmartLearning, you will be enrolled into an online community of your peers and industry experts where you can share knowledge, ask questions and discuss issues anytime, anywhere. Maybe you need some advice on how to put together a security policy; maybe you’re looking for ideas on standardising security configurations; perhaps you have a BYOD issue. You will have a community of practice at your back, offering advice and answers just when you need it.

Lifetime access to online resources

You will have lifetime access to the SmartLearning suite of online learning tools: a vast collection of resources that you can dip into when you need it, or explore in-depth anytime, for your work or for job application prep. There’s a wide variety of content in formats you prefer: training videos, templates, tutorials, job aids, reference material, and infographics.


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