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I lost my job in 2018 and started the GRC training in 2021. I applied for several jobs, after 2 months into the training, but did not pass through the initial interview stages. Eventually, with the help of the SmartLearning team, I made it to one of the final interview stages and got employed, with zero experience and certificates. All I had was Smartlearning.
As an experienced Business Analyst (BA), I needed to up my skills to easily secure a job in another company, because the BA market is well saturated. I was referred to Smartlearning, where I got top-notch videos on IoT visualisation training. Today I work in the Data Science/IoT team of a Pharmaceutical company because of the Smartlearning training I took.
I have moved from no job to get two job offers in one week because of the Smartlearning training I took. As of 2018 when I enrolled for the BA, PM and GDPR course, I had only a tiny knowledge about data. Now, I have concluded the training and implemented several projects, and I am now on the third data protection role.
Yinka Kunpuniyi
I have just secured a senior role in another company where I reside. I applied on LinkedIn, and I was called up immediately after I submitted my CV. After the 3 interview stages with presentations, I got the job. I have only had one interview prep with your team. You guys are the best.
Abi Akinlolu
I joined Smart Learning for 6 weeks of intensive training on Cyber Security in 2020, after my contract was terminated due to Covid19. After several interview preps and unsuccessful job applications, today I have secured a job as a Technical Senior Cybersecurity Business Analyst with one of the top insurance companies.
Tutu Soetan
I joined Smartlearning in 2018 and I secured my first role as an Information security analyst in 2019. Due to Covid-19, I lost the job and started searching for a new role in 2021. Just within three months, with the help of the interview prepping team, I passed my interviews and was offered two senior roles.
I did the Cyber Security bundle course in 2018, but couldn’t complete it due to a tragic happening. I never gave up on my dream of becoming an Info-Sec Analyst. In 2021 I reluctantly applied for the role with rusty knowledge and no experience. I got invited for an interview, the interview was a success because I prepared with the Smartlearning videos. My salary has increased and I enjoy other perks.
I have worked as a Project Manager in different industries but I wanted to explore Information Security. Despite been busy and having a baby to cater to, I continued the Smartlearning training and I applied for a few jobs. Out of the blues, I got headhunted by a company close to my residence for a mixed role (50% infosec and 50% migration to the cloud)and after the second stage of the interview, I got the job.
Christiana Egbule
I used to be a Project Manager, but I wanted another profession where I can use my current skills. So, I met with the mentors on the SmartLearning team and today I got a permanent role working as a Compliance Manager, after the first interview instead of going through two interview stages. Thanks to the team for the interview prepping. I was helpful
Toyin Shogaolu
I secured a new contract as an information security consultant with an insurance company. The interview was a quick one and was successful with the last-minute support I got from one of the trainers to demystify the terms in the job spec and lessons I learnt on the training to support my answers.
I have good news! I have just gotten a high paying contract role in the bank, and I work in the enterprise security control team. Thank you Smartlearning for making this possible
David ALakija
I joined the course in October as a computer rookie and with no knowledge of Cyber Security concepts. In just five months into the course, I have been offered a role as a Cyber Security Analyst. Special shout out to the SmartLearning team for their support.
I am pleased to inform you that I have accepted a Senior Management position as an IT Compliance Manager with a FTSE 250 company. I want to convey my gratitude. It is not only educational help that is provided at Smartlearning, but you are also supported with prayers. Thank so much, sir
IT Compliance Manager
I attempted to break into a Cybersecurity career several times, but the more I trained, the more difficult it is until I met Mr. Wale, who inquired about the career path I desired.I’m pleased to inform you, that I have been offered the position of SOC Analyst with a reputable organisation in the UK
Bimbo A.
SOC Analyst
I got a good contract role, started the job, and a month after, got another contract role that pays better than the first one. Both jobs are remote.. working in the comfort of my own home, I had to give up the first job as I couldn’t cope with both jobs. This is to encourage anyone still looking, please do not give up, your time will definitely come.
Funmi F
Cybersecurity Risk Analyst
I spoke with Wale and the Olaolu about my aim to move into AWS Cloud Solutions – I have no technical background in this area of work. They both encouraged me to go for this and also to take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam (CLF-C01). I also joined the current cohort to work on some of the projects they are working on. Shortly after passing the exam (end of August), I applied for a Project / Dependency Analyst position for AWS Migration Project, got invited for an interview on Wednesday (9th of Sept) and was offered the position Friday evening.
Kemi Thomson
Project Analyst for AWS
I applied for an infoSec role based in the US. First, the role was not advertised for the UK but I just kept applying for jobs regardless of location. I was short-listed and called for an interview; the first and second interviews went well with great support from my training team. You all are amazing. Yes, I got the job.This could not have been without “The smart learning team” fantastic team @ Oby, @Shogalistic, @ Tunrayo, @Harry @Mr Omolere, and many more who helped me through my interview prep. Thank you all for your encouragement, support, constructive criticisms, and prayers. I appreciate you all. JESUS DID IT FOR ME. THANK YOU SO MUCH SMARTLEARNING FAM
Faramade A
GRC specialist
Prior to my training at Smart Learning UK, a foremost frontrunner in IT specialist training. Established and managed by a board of West African certified IT professionals, I honestly believed my knowledge of information security to be adept and good enough to land my dream job, but boy was I in for a rude awakening. Although my training proved worthwhile, making new contacts and absorbing a well of information, I had to take time outside of the course timetable to perform my own research to enhance my abilities in the field. Diving directly into the deep end, partaking in simulated project scenarios, exploring virtual environments such as Kali Linux and Ubuntu OS, Smart Learning UK helped me to put into practice all they taught me. Since the conclusion of my training course, I have been blessed beyond measure with a great job role as an IT Risk Champion with a multinational investment and secure transactions firm based in Central London. But still looking to partake in more courses, upgrade my skills and progress my career in the near future, at least now I know a group of like-minded IT professionals that I can reach out to.
Timayo Ogunro
IT Risk Champion
I joined Smartlearning UK March 2018 to be trained as GDPR Consultant and had my first success story as Business Analyst in December 2018. During my time here, I was exposed to other courses like Agile Business Analysis , Project Management, Cyber security and had some vital practical experiences working in some projects. Over the years, I have been able to develop myself tremendously acquiring relevant certifications in Agile related frameworks including SAFe. Today, I'm delighted to share with you that I have been offered a role as Scrum Master/Supervisor Product Development with one of the leading international Healthcare software company. Today, I'm delighted to share with you that I have been offered a role as Scrum Master/Supervisor Product Development with one of the leading international Healthcare software company.
Ray Aghatise
Scrum Master/Supervisor Product Development


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