Success stories

  • I want to thank God Almighty for his favour upon me. I joined Smartlearning mid 2017 and I enrolled for the Governance, Risk & Compliance training. It was indeed a wonderful experience.
    Today I’ve been blessed with 2 job offers and I am so grateful.
    My story is not complete without mentioning my mentors who supported me during interview preps- Tunde, Tola, Richard, Harry & Ade. I really appreciate your time.
    Thank you Roy for your in-depth training on ISO27001 Implementation and Audit. I became so confident bragging about it because of your imparted knowledge. Thank you
    Wale thanks for the platform and your passion to see us succeed at all cost. Your videos on Risk and Cybersecurity made a huge difference in my understanding and built my confidence at interviews. Thank you
    Thank you so much guys !! All I did was to ride on your shoulders which made the journey smooth.

    God bless you all.

    Oby M.

  • I joined SmartLearning GDPR training around September last year (thanks to Jamel) after trying to switch to IT Security for a while. The training was so good that I have joined at least 2 other training courses since then. During this time, I have seen more than 50 people get jobs on this platform and was looking forward to the day mine would come. Come February this year, I had 4 interviews in 1 week and I was able to secure 2 jobs at the same time after an interview prep by mentors on this platform. I was also able to pass my CISSP exam a week after got those jobs. I can’t thank Wale and his team enough for the change they have brought to my life. I pray God will continually reward you in all your endeavours. I will like to encourage anyone looking for a new role not to give up and continue to persevere in their pursuit.

    Seun F

  • Hi Wale, I just want to drop this good news here. God has done it again. I got a role about 6months ago as a Security analyst, it was meant to be short term till end of October but I got lucky it was ended for another 6months. While have been learning on this role, have been on the lookout for a bigger opportunity. I interviewed for another job within my company last Friday. I remember going back to the gdrive listening to the recorded interview prep hence why I didn’t need to call for a prep session. This morning I was offered the role as a Security Validation Manager with BT Security. This role has to do with vulnerability management and knowledge of qualysguard you taught us really stood me out amongst other candidate. Thank you so much Wale for your investment on this platform. It sure paying off! Just on the side though, I interviewed with Virgin back in March but did get the job at the time, for some reason they just got in touch asking if am still looking . The point is to really encourage everyone that is still trusting God for that right job, God is ever faithful and surely this year is not over yet. When your time is right you will get too popular

    Bunmi K

  • To thine self first be true and remember God is too faithful to fail

    The journey
    Came across the term ethical hacking  in 2007 took my first security certification that year and knew the career part i wanted. Fast forward to 2018 I am now in a role where I doing everything from threat hunting to vulnerability management, to getting involved phishing campaigns and DDoS mitigation and more.

    The role
    10 years after my first taste and not sure if i was moving into it fully or not as I was doing everything already in my home labs and giving suggestions to my employer but being told we don’t have a budget and we don’t have the capacity. I came across smart learning Wale said to me he had confidence in me. I was straight to the point and he was direct with me.
    I started applying ad finally the I had 7 attempts at a face-face, 3 the same week and 2 on the same day. God was saying something to me, and I converted 4. I then accepted 2 and then a twist I had to decide. One was paying more more than I expected but the daily commute didn’t make it attractive. Finally, again I knocked on heaven’s door and I decided to go for the lesser one and I am a week into it.
    My thanks to God almighty first and foremost then the entire smart learning team.
    Wale for his deeps words
    Tunde for his help with arranging interviews
    Pelumi my mentor who will put his kids to sleep and come back to discuss IT security and risk with me.
    Ade for his deep analysis but especially power prayer. I have to say if I didn’t remember anything in the interview. I remembered Ade’s prayers and I called heaven to speak through my mouth in the last 2 interviews. Of course, my mum and bro for all the encouragement. My mum just like Wale kept encouraging me.
    Finally, I will encourage anyone in the family. Like Paul to the church, don’t give up. Fight the good fight. It has cost me arm and legs, but I have persisted knowing what awaits me.
    This is just the beginning and I am learning a lot. 2019 is knocking but there’s still a few days left in 2018. Review those CVs, research the hidden job market tap into the smart learning alumni.
    We will all succeed and achieve our full potential IJN.

    Timi S.

  • Hello Wale, I have been offered a role as a contract GDPR Project Manager. I am just humbled and speechless. Over the past week, I have been getting calls from recruiters wanting to put me forward for interviews. This is in contrasts to before I joined smart learning when i was getting nothing.
    I had been desperate to join this platform since Jo Boyo landed her role but money was tight, thankfully you made entry easier.
    I actually wobbled when asked about my work history however this was after i delivered a strong consultancy approach on GDPR to the interviewers. My confidence and knowledge saw me through. All the resources on the platform are gold. If you learn them well you will certainly outshine the competition. Those mock interview questions are solid – please take the time to go through them, they will give you a massive edge in an interview.
    A special thank you goes out to the mentors, i was humbled by the number that attended the mock interview session. To my sister Jo Boyo, thank you for landing your job – it brought me out of a coma and made me sit up.
    To you Wale (de main Man), thank you for sharing what you know and thank you for this platform. You have changed my life like you don’t know. God bless you and your family.
    I start on Monday after the background checks.

    Yvonne K