Course description

The Linux job market is hot, and Linux developers are being offered better paying, more flexible, and more fulfilling jobs than many of their peers. If you’ve been thinking of joining the ranks of Linux developers, then you’ve come to the right place. This skill path dives right into the first steps anyone needs to take to begin their Linux journey. The courses cover topics that get you up and running with the Linux OS. This includes discussing Linux installation and configuration scenarios before getting started with the Linux command line as well as Linux administration. By the end of this path, you’ll have formed a solid foundation with Linux that will serve as a stepping stone to more advanced Linux skills and roles.

Course content

  • The Linux Foundation
  • Linux Foundation Training
  • Where Does the Software Come From?
  • Is it Difficult to Migrate to Linux?
  • Migration Considerations
  • Migration Aids and Documentation
  • Scope and Coverage of System Administration
  • Preparing Your System
  • Procedures for installation
Open Source Software
  • What is Open Source Software?
  • History of Open Source Software
  • Open Source Governance Models
Why Use Open Source Software?
  • Collaborative Development
  • Security and Quality of Source Code
  • Users: Flexibility
  • Business: Collaborative Development
  • Business: Marketing
  • Education: El-Hi, Public Systems
  • Education: University
  • Developers: Greater Visibility
Linux and the Operating System
  • Kernel vs Operating System and Tools
  • History of Linux
  • UNIX and Linux
  • Linux Distributions
  • Linux Standard Base (LSB)
Graphical Environments and Interfaces
  • Graphical Layers
  • X Window System
  • Window Managers
  • Desktop Managers
  • Terminal Window Options
Getting Help
  • Sources of Documentation
  • man Pages
  • info
  • help and help
Text Editors
  • Available Text Editors
  • vi
  • emacs
Shells, bash, and the Command Line Shells
  • Shell Initialization
  • Aliases
  • Environment Variables
  • Customizing the Command Line Prompt
  • Special Characters
  • Redirection

Course Objectives

  • The history of Linux and what differentiates it from other UNIX-like operating systems
  • What the main ingredients of a Linux system are and how to use them
  • The essentials of system administration, such as user accounts and groups, essential commands, filesystems, security, and more
  • installing and configuring Linux
  • Managing the desktop experience
  • Employing the command line
  • Managing processes using ps command
  • Managing user and group accounts and related system files
  • Securing Linux.

Target audience

This course is for students who are already experienced computer users on another operating system, but have limited or no experience working in a Linux environment

Location / Delivery

  • Online

Start date

  • February 25, 2020


  • NA


  • £250.00 £850.00

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