Course description

In the complex future of the business world, qualified analysts will have even more significance than the present day. Already, there is a surging demand for business analysts with multiple areas of practice beyond there conventional role of building and managing IT systems. They are expected to translate business strategy in their work, experiment with tested metrics of business analytics, and identify processes that a business organisation needs to prevent – and successfully combat – external and internal challenges. This foundation course enables students to become effective assistants to a modern business organization’s business and IT executives. Students will be trained to inspect problems in a systemic process and to recognise – and recommend – appropriate solutions. With the qualification and training received in the course, graduates will be able to examine systemic problems in detail, develop effective strategies to address identified problems, and work closely with stakeholders to mitigate related risks. Once the course is completed, students will get the chance to practice on a live project.

Course content

  • Definition of Business Analysis
  • Conducting Strategic Business Analysis
  • Stakeholder Viewpoints Analysis
  • Business Activity Modelling & Analysis
  • Defining Solutions
  • Building a Business Case
  • Requirements Establishment
  • Documenting Requirements
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Understanding Project Discipline
  • Examining the Situation
  • Listing Possible Solutions
  • Role of Business Analysis in Cyber Security Integrity

Course Objectives

  • Illustrate modern methods of developing a business strategy
  • Employ recognised techniques for strategic business analysis
  • Illustrate the necessity of project discipline
  • Describe investigative techniques for organisational business systems
  • Illustrate one recognised method for making business systems better
  • Describe significance of managing stakeholders and demonstrate an analytical technique for stakeholders
  • Employ modelling and analysis techniques for organisational business systems
  • Discuss ways to identify business improvement recommendations
  • Illustrate and define the various necessary components of a business case aimed at developing and implementing changes
  • Demonstrate how to identify risks, costs, impacts and benefits a business case option

Target audience

  • Those interested in gaining practical skills required in a Business Analyst;
  • Those interested in understanding major techniques of business analytics; or
  • Those looking for a professional qualification in business analysis

Location / Delivery

  • Online

Start date

  • September 23, 2019


  • 2 hours per across five days


  • £186.00 £219.00