The Role of Business Analysis in Cyber Security

Business Analysts are perhaps the most pivotal to any online operations, especially in these times when cyber-security is on a steady rise. See, there is a lot of technical issues that need to be resolved when you are running a business, a business analyst essentially bridges the gap between the project management and technical analysts and/or engineers.

Nothing is truly safe!

However, the role of business analysis in cyber security goes for beyond that. In this article, we will discuss the many possibilities we could explore, with which you could further maximize on the strengths of your business.

To put it simply, every thing on the internet, when it truly comes down to it, is hackable. Do a quick google search and you will realize it’s a neck to neck race, the hackers come with up different methods and tools to breach your cyber security, and amidst all this riff raff you need to stay a step ahead at all times.

So, the go to for any project, is naturally the Business Analyst, who in turns keeps a keen eye on all these matters and coordinates with the cyber-security team to make sure your domain is not under threat in any way.

Data Theft and Sensitivity

No matter if it’s a project, business or even a personal domain that we are talking about. There is bound to be, some sort of sensitive data on your servers or domains which may be prone to attack. In consequence, you are not just losing precious data, but your credibility at the same time; a sure-fire way to disaster.

Decent practices of business analysis, ensure that a steady line of communication and preventive measures are maintained so that data theft is not even a remote possibility.

Risk Management and Cyber Security

Believe it or not, risk management now broadly encompasses cyber security risks and security. All of our projects to some extent require cyber security protocols and need to be handled accordingly. As ever-going threat is always looming around the corner, risk management closely follows and addresses the situation with strategic business analytics.

Business Analysis Caters to Everything Technical

As we have already discussed, business analysts are the technical liaisons between the project management team and the technical & IT department even. The personnel taking care of your business analysis – if is not technical – needs to have enough technical know-how, to understand the different requirements, functionality and different technical aspects of any given project or a business.

In Summary

Business Analysis is great tool to combat almost all cyber threats and more, while providing a strong basis for mitigation procedures. A good business analyst should be working closely with data and cyber security teams to help turn their organization in a digital fortress. As the days of cabinet filing and locked vaults is at an impasse, threats these days are to our clouding systems. So, a stout cyber-security paired with diligent business analysis can help you make iron clad digital strategies and cyber security protocols.

It would be a smart decision being formally trained at this point or may be even undertake the different courses online that teach you about business analysis with a strong emphasis on cyber security. Like the business analysis training offer at SmartLearning, students get to undertake practical and as well as hand-on work experience by being actively involved in cyber security projects. Here they understand the true responsibilities of a business analysis in all matters concerning cyber security.

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