Take charge of your Cyber Security Strategy NOW!

Cybercrimes are on the rise. There is no denying that as much of our lives revolve around the internet. If not all, majority of our data and work is based online. If you haven’t already thought about it, do consider how many hours an average person spends online. According to Telegraph, this average time is almost 24 hours per week and some people exceed to more than 40 hours.

When people spend so much time online, security breaches and hacking is an inevitability. With that, it is becoming more complicated every single day and every single one of us is at risk. It is not something that only the Pentagon or FBI has to worry about, its but all of us in the digital stratosphere.

You need a Cyber Security Strategy!

Understanding how vulnerable you are when you access and share your information with the rest of the world online, consider cyber security as a means of protecting you and your company from potential catastrophes in the cyber arena.

Accept that you are up against extremely smart schemes where inconceivable and intricate tools are used to, for example, attempt phishing, inject SQL, and attack DoS etc. Furthermore, there is a huge list of well-known companies falling prey to these evil geniuses. Some examples as published on BBC News and Bloomberg are:

This highlights why there is a need to have a strong security system that prevents cyber criminals from gaining access to your sensitive information. It also has benefits such as:

  • Once you have a strategy in place, you have a better grip over possible future risks. You start understanding the environment around you and so you make modifications in your system to eliminate the threats from their root.
  • This leads to a more prepared security system in place that is prepared for the worst.
  • Detect intrusion early to eradicate it completely before the mess is profound.

Since these people are out to get you with a proper strategy, it only makes sense you do the same?

Where to start when formulating a Cyber Security Strategy?

Your Cyber Security Strategy is going to look something like this.

  • Come up with a company-wide roadmap – The roadmap should define your objectives and protocols about how to you will secure your organization’s network and make it robust and invincible.
  • Identify roles of people within the organization.
  • Define reactionary steps these people will take in case of an attack.
  • Last, but not the least, your strategy will also include proactive evolving approach of ever-improving your system to deal with new and advanced tactics devised by potential treats.

The most effective Cyber Security Strategy is one that aligns with the business’ overall strategy and acts like a scaffolding for it. A stand-alone system is never too productive anyway.

Cyber Security Training Course

Smart Learning offers an in-depth Cyber Security Training Course offering detailed insights into Cyber Security Strategy to help you start a career in this industry to protect your organization from cyber vulnerabilities, or if you are already in the field, refresh your skills to stay on top of your game.

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