Success stories

  • Job success; Information Security Analyst role;
    I wanted to share my success story to encourage others. I have been trusting God for a change of career and move into the Infosec space. I had numerous calls/ interviews but that did not discourage me. In fact I saw that as a learning curve for me. By the grace of God I got offered two roles and I had to decide on the one I wanted.

    Don’t be side tracked by what the market may look like. Keep your head down and study.

    Ultimately God is our source. They are loads of training materials enough to last one a lifetime. Big thanks to Wale, Tunde, Ade for all the support! I really appreciate it. 

    John Hammond

  • Hi Wale,
    Trust you are well. I have a good problem at hand:
    I finish my interim Data Protection manager role end of this month. Have been asked by Group Director/DPO to consider a GDPR Programme Manager role for the next 6months yesterday. Told him I shall think about it and have received a call this morning with a DPO offer from an interview I had two weeks ago ? I am in a dilemma now . Thanks for all your prayers and support 

    Yvonne Doku

  • Hi Wale, 
    Finally got an offer as an IAM analyst! After our discussion for me to pick an area in Cybersecurity and specialise in it, I decided to follow your advise and took a step of faith by applying for jobs. I remember sharing the job advert and telling you how tough it looked and you said “Go for it!”.
    Had my first face-to-face interview in this area last week and got an offer within 24 hours. Thanks for the detailed preparation provided by Tunde and Nick (IAM guru). 
    The key questions were basically a replay of what we discussed at the interview prep session plus the Day 4 of the Identity Access Management (implementation) training video. More grace to this platform! 

    Bami Adeyemi

  • To the glory of God, my own success story!
    I met Wale and the SmartLearning team in 2018 and joined their platform around April of the same year; unfortunately, I could not complete the courses effectively due to work demands . A year later, I cam back to Wale to discuss the possibility of refreshing my knowledge and to my surprise, he asked me to retake the courses I took the previous year for free.
    After this, I quit my job to focus on a career change into the info sec space and was lucky enough to work on a few of the SmartSafe projects to gain practical experience which prepared me for the next stage: Interviews! The knowledge gained here would later become basis for answering practical questions at the interviews that were to come.
    I wouldn’t be sharing this encouraging testimony today without the interview prep of Wale and the SmartLearning team.
    I had a few interviews and each time, they were ready and willing to encourage, teach, question and generally prepare me for each interview according to the job specification. Talk about tailored and fit for purpose solutions.
    I would like to specially thank Harry Boje, Tunde and Yvonne for their patience and the knowledge they shared with me before my last interview. It was exceptionally enlightening and God sent. It was almost like they were the ones who were to interview me as practically everything discussed was what I had to answer at the interview. A day after the interview, I was offered the job.
    For everyone looking out for a new job, please do not be discouraged even if interviews don’t seem to be going well or coming at all. See every interview as a learning process and work as hard as possible and diligently with the SmartLearning team. They are indeed a heaven sent treasure trove of knowledge.
    Thank you once again to Wale and the SmartLearning team and all the best to everyone still looking out for their own opportunity. 

    Koye Banjoko

  • Hi Wale,  trust you are well. 
    Alhamdulilah robilhalamin. I give glory to God almighty in his highness that I got the job you prepared me for.
    I still can’t believe it bro honestly.  The key question the lady interviewing cares about is risk management plan. After spending about 5 minutes to go through it high level, she then asked me to break each of the ISO27001 7 steps down which I did without a hitch.
    Smartlearning is the place to be. Thanks a million for the platform. 

    Kamor Kareem

  • First and foremost, I am so thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to find & join this platform. I was so happy when I saw one of Wale’s videos on Cybersecurity on the internet – this was around November 18th, a Sunday. I made the phone call to Wale the next day, where he told me the current training had started, I told him I would like to join and catch up with the recordings of the missed training. To me, this platform was what I needed to make my career change from Project Management into Information Security. I particularly like the way the trainers would merge their past experience into the training content – bringing the different terms/cyber buzz words to life.
    After the training, Wale encouraged us to get our CV ready to start looking for work – this was in December. The training we had on this was really useful and I used all the suggestions given to write my CV. Also to help with relating our experience for questioning during the interview, I tried to understand and worked on a project I thought would be easy for me to explain if anyone questioned me on my past experience. 
    I had applied for several jobs over the Christmas and New Year break with some interviews. I had great help with preparing for these from Wale, Tunde, Richard, Ade, Ola, Tola, Harry & Yvonne (I still can’t believe how these guys managed to be available at short notice, and not just that, also pouring out all their experience in order to be of assistance. I am really grateful to you all). I wasn’t successful for any of this.
    Then on Monday Feb 3rd, I got a call from an agent who told me they are interested in my CV. There was no job description nor job title nor payment terms. They found my CV posted somewhere and found that with the content of my CV, they thought I could be of help with the large programme they are working on. They have a major supplier working on their ICS and access management but need someone to look after this for them. From their email to me “with political sensitivity between the partners and a bit of they don’t really know what they want (because they have never done anything like this before)”. My telephone interview was scheduled for the next day at 6pm. The interview turned out to be a chat where my interviewer was talking about the things he liked on my CV and why he thought I could fit in. When he asked about the current project I was working on, I told him about the work I was doing on the project – the Risk Management & Incident Management for Security Hardening Project. Folks, I had a terrible presentation on this the Thursday prior to this where the stakeholders agreed that I needed to redo the Risk Management deliverable. So I was working on this all the weekend prior to the initial call. My interviewer was keen for me to start with them as a contractor (outside IR35!) ASAP but needed to check that I could claim expenses for my contract. He also gave me the option of going permanent with them should I prefer this anytime down the line (he gave me a baseline for salary without considering years of experience). I got a phone call from them 2 days later that I was successful and that they do not require a face to face interview with me. I got my contract in on Wednesday to start on the 24th. It still feels so surreal!!
    I am so thankful to everyone on this platform, the amount and quality of knowledge being shared is incredible. I have learnt so much within the past 3 months. Also what to thank Abby (PM) Bidemi on working with me on my project. 

    Kemi Thompson

  • Hi Wale
    I trust you are well, and your family too.
    I wanted to share this testimony with you as I just got the confirmation today. My journey in Data Protection, Privacy and Cyber Protection started with you at SmartLearning and I will never forget your help and support.
    I have just been appointed the Global Privacy Manager and Deputy DPO with Ralph Lauren on a permanent basis. The role covers Europe, US and Asia.
    To God be ALL the glory.
    I just want to thank you for the strong foundation, encouragement and enthusiasm I got through SmartLearning.
    Thank you for your vision and labour of love.
    Onwards and upwards in Jesus’ name.
    Please feel free to share the good news on the platform 

    DC Immanuel

  • I want to thank God Almighty for his favour upon me. I joined Smartlearning mid 2017 and I enrolled for the Governance, Risk & Compliance training. It was indeed a wonderful experience.
    Today I’ve been blessed with 2 job offers and I am so grateful.
    My story is not complete without mentioning my mentors who supported me during interview preps- Tunde, Tola, Richard, Harry & Ade. I really appreciate your time.
    Thank you Roy for your in-depth training on ISO27001 Implementation and Audit. I became so confident bragging about it because of your imparted knowledge. Thank you
    Wale thanks for the platform and your passion to see us succeed at all cost. Your videos on Risk and Cybersecurity made a huge difference in my understanding and built my confidence at interviews. Thank you
    Thank you so much guys !! All I did was to ride on your shoulders which made the journey smooth. 

    God bless you all.

    Oby M.

  • Hi Guy, The lord has done it again. I have just secured a Business Analyst – GDPR role with a local authority, guys you all can do it , just keep applying. The way the job came about was interesting. I attended an  interview last week and I was not successful, they said I did well but they wanted to go for someone with more experience. I was a bit disappointed because I thought I did very well, that even encourage me to intensify my effort in applying for more jobs. All the interviews I went for, I was getting positive feedback including the one with the local authority, as God may have it, the agency called me and ask if I am still available as the role was advertised again. She called me today to say they have offered me the job to start on Monday. My thanks goes to Wale, he was always been there for me, supporting, encouraging and advising anytime I call him. He even followed it up with prayers and send me on my way with God’s favour. My plan for the this year when I started GDPR training with Wale was to secure a GDPR role in the first half of 2017, and by God’s favour  it happened. Please Guys don’t be discourage if you are rejected, but let that spur you to greater success. It is not how many times a man /woman fall that define him or her, it is how many times you pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes.Harry Boje.
  • My success story is finally here.  First of all I’d like to thank God and secondly really thank Wale for all his support and encouragement all through the journey. Back in December when I joined SmartLearning, Wale and I set a goal for me to start work by end of April. He also told me to learn the stuff but more importantly apply myself by taking the lead in projects which I did. Every task he asks me to do even the ones I’ve never done before, I made sure I found ways to do them. Unknowing to me, those tasks were preparing me for the role I just got offered today. I had two interviews for the role of IT Security Manager and on both occasion, I drew my answers from the wealth of info on SmartLearning training videos and more importantly the tasks I was set by wale and Completed over the last 4 months. My first interview was with the COO and the CTO. Second stage I was interviewed by the CEO, COO, CTO and the development Manager. One thing that I remember telling myself was that I’m not trying to get this job, but I’m going there to take the job and to God be the glory, I went and took the job. Finally, I would like to encourage everyone on this platform that by making up your mind to do whatever it takes physically, mentally and spiritually; going the extra-mile, working hard, and staying disciplined, your testimony will be next too. Wale you rock! Tunde thanks to you too. God bless you both.
    Tola A.
  • I’m please to inform you that I got a role with an insurance company as a GDPR IT Business Analyst working on a combination of GDPR, New York Cyber Security and Information Security programme which is really exciting. I want to say a big thank you to the SmartLearning team.
    Got to know about GDPR end of April and I went ahead to take the course, I spent time studying more about the topic and after my 4th GDPR interview I landed my role within three months. Wale has been extremely supportive and available throughout the process and after starting the role he has been extremely helpful too.
    I would like to encourage anyone that is still searching not to give up and to keep pushing. All the best
    Ola M
  • Hi all, my testimony is finally here… 🏼🏼🏼🏼🏼🏼🏼 God has done it again…Got a role with BNP Paribas as an Information Security Advisor.  My immense gratitude to God and Wale for making this happen. This is my 2nd info sec role after doing the GRC course (last year July) and GDPR one now.  Wale has been fantastic, he is someone I can call either very late in the night or very early in the morning and he would readily offer support, sterling, quality teaching!! He is a great mentor and I pray God will continue to bless the work of his hand.  Really really appreciate him.  My piece of advice to anyone still looking is to never give up, keep up the momentum, keep reading, keep researching, when you get rejected at interview, don’t worry, move and don’t let that bother you, it is simply not your job, yours will come at the right time.  i raise my glass to Wale our amazing teacher and mentor
    Funmi Fakoya.
  • Hi Wale, I just want to drop this good news here. God has done it again. I got a role about 6months ago as a Security analyst, it was meant to be short term till end of October but I got lucky it was ended for another 6months. While have been learning on this role, have been on the lookout for a bigger opportunity. I interviewed for another job within my company last Friday. I remember going back to the gdrive listening to the recorded interview prep hence why I didn’t need to call for a prep session. This morning I was offered the role as a Security Validation Manager with BT Security. This role has to do with vulnerability management and knowledge of Qualysguard you taught us really stood me out amongst other candidate. Thank you so much Wale for your investment on this platform. It sure paying off! Just on the side though, I interviewed with Virgin back in March but did get the job at the time, for some reason they just got in touch asking if am still looking . The point is to really encourage everyone that is still trusting God for that right job, God is ever faithful and surely this year is not over yet. When your time is right you will get too popular
    Bunmi K.
  • To thine self first be true and remember God is too faithful to failThe journey
    Came across the term ethical hacking  in 2007 took my first security certification that year and knew the career part i wanted. Fast forward to 2018 I am now in a role where I doing everything from threat hunting to vulnerability management, to getting involved phishing campaigns and DDoS mitigation and more. 

    The role
    10 years after my first taste and not sure if i was moving into it fully or not as I was doing everything already in my home labs and giving suggestions to my employer but being told we don’t have a budget and we don’t have the capacity. I came across smart learning Wale said to me he had confidence in me. I was straight to the point and he was direct with me.
    I started applying ad finally the I had 7 attempts at a face-face, 3 the same week and 2 on the same day. God was saying something to me, and I converted 4. I then accepted 2 and then a twist I had to decide. One was paying more more than I expected but the daily commute didn’t make it attractive. Finally, again I knocked on heaven’s door and I decided to go for the lesser one and I am a week into it.
    My thanks to God almighty first and foremost then the entire smart learning team.
    Wale for his deeps words
    Tunde for his help with arranging interviews
    Pelumi my mentor who will put his kids to sleep and come back to discuss IT security and risk with me.
    Ade for his deep analysis but especially power prayer. I have to say if I didn’t remember anything in the interview. I remembered Ade’s prayers and I called heaven to speak through my mouth in the last 2 interviews. Of course, my mum and bro for all the encouragement. My mum just like Wale kept encouraging me.
    Finally, I will encourage anyone in the family. Like Paul to the church, don’t give up. Fight the good fight. It has cost me arm and legs, but I have persisted knowing what awaits me.
    This is just the beginning and I am learning a lot. 2019 is knocking but there’s still a few days left in 2018. Review those CVs, research the hidden job market tap into the smart learning alumni.
    We will all succeed and achieve our full potential IJN.

    Timi S.

  • Hello Wale, I have been offered a role as a contract GDPR Project Manager. I am just humbled and speechless. Over the past week, I have been getting calls from recruiters wanting to put me forward for interviews. This is in contrasts to before I joined smart learning when i was getting nothing.
    I had been desperate to join this platform since Jo Boyo landed her role but money was tight, thankfully you made entry easier.
    I actually wobbled when asked about my work history however this was after i delivered a strong consultancy approach on GDPR to the interviewers. My confidence and knowledge saw me through. All the resources on the platform are gold. If you learn them well you will certainly outshine the competition. Those mock interview questions are solid – please take the time to go through them, they will give you a massive edge in an interview.
    A special thank you goes out to the mentors, i was humbled by the number that attended the mock interview session. To my sister Jo Boyo, thank you for landing your job – it brought me out of a coma and made me sit up.
    To you Wale (de main Man), thank you for sharing what you know and thank you for this platform. You have changed my life like you don’t know. God bless you and your family.
    I start on Monday after the background checks. 

    Yvonne K.

  • Hello sir, God has done it. God in His infinite goodness and mercies has given me a job.
    I would like to thank God for ordering my steps in meeting the great man of God Wale and his wonderful team of mentors (Tunde, Tola, Pelumi, Ade and uncle Albert), your  prayer, love, support and encouragement is one of a kind and words are not even enough to express my gratitude.
    I joined this wonderful family last year and finally plucked up courage to start applying in January thanks to Tunde and his immense support and encouragement.
    God showed himself strong and gave me a job as an Information Security Analyst.
    To all my Project Fame family and everyone on this platform, you guys rock! And I say a big “THANK YOU” you are all a part of my success story.
    Greater testimonies will continue to be shared on this platform and God shall increase Smartsafe and Smart learning on every side.
    Thanks and God bless you all. 

    Joyce A.

  • Hi Wale,Praise God with me for He deserves all the Glory for the continuous Blessings He showers on me and my family. I was offered a role as a GRC Analyst with a global payment technology company based in Paddington. I would like to use this opportunity to say thank you for your support and guidance as you played an important role in helping me secure this role.

    The Smart Learning platform was pivotal in my entry into the Infosec space as the materials were relevant in helping me achieve success during the interview. I joined the platform to become a GDPR Business Analyst but God had other plans…. who am I to complain?

    I encourage everyone on the platform to participate in all the assigned tasks and take time to listen to the recordings on the G drive – they are priceless.

    Guys, everything na turn by turn, keep faith with God and be persistent in your learning and your life will overflow with joyous laughter in Jesus name, Amen.


  • Please forgive me I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you. I actually opened your chat to send u a message yesterday but must have got distracted.  I wanted to tell you that I got another role I’m in my 2nd week here and really enjoying it as I have total autonomy and am the go to person in this role. I give God all the glory I didn’t really have to apply as soon as one role finished another one was waiting for me. It’s a GDPR role with a well known retailer and I’m in my 2nd week. Thanks very much Wale. The templates you have, are fantastic and have used them in both my former role and this one. Thanks so so much Wale  May God bless you and family and this blessed platform continue to be blessed and be a blessing In Jesus Mighty Name
    Jo Boyo.
  • I woke up with a lot of joy in my heart as I have been offered a BA role with an Insurance company. Your training was very insightful and the approach gave me a lot of confidence after several months of not working.
    I am really grateful to you and the smart learning team. 

    God bless you and take you to greater heights IJN

    Betty .H

  • Hi Wale, I’m just writing to say thanks for the help you’ve given me; I just landed a role at Bet365 as information security officer, given it was my first interview since the course had finished. I just want to say that the learning materials, your support, and post services have really been instrumental in me landing this role. From assigned live projects, access to alumni platform, to one-to-one job application support and interview preparation, your support has really been 1st class.Tomi Sho
  • Our God has done it. He secured a GDPR PM role for me with a fourth generation multi-billion retail company on Friday the 16th March 2018. I was interviewed for the role on Friday 16th, and was called by the agent 15mins after the interview that they want me to start asap because they do not want to loose me to another company. They were amazed at my performance and presentation because I went there as a consultant not as an interviewee, in fact I went with a flip chart presentation and held on to Matt 22:22 and Job 29:22
    I had two awesome mock interviews with the mentors Tola, Richard and Tunde (Great Guys). I applied the skills at the interviews and  two companies offered me the role, but I chose the one God approved.
    Beloved, please listen to the videos, listen again and again to the mock interviews and trust God to always go before you and with you. Your victory is guaranteed.
     I appreciate the man of God – Wale and his fellow success ministers my beloved Daniel, Richard, Tola and Tunde. God bless you all. Success will not depart from  Smart-Learning your path will continue to shine brighter until the perfect day in Jesus name. Amen 

    Esther .W

  • The Lord has turned my captivity. I am like them that dream. I have been offered GDPR BA role. Had a 20min phone interview and the feedback was that my answers were so professional that there was no need going through 2nd stage or asking too many questions. I thank you for the video because my answers came from watching the video last night. Thank you for being who you are, kind, considerate and good hearted. A massive thanks to Albert, Harry and John for the times on interview prep and Harry for spending extra time to talk with me on some of my concerns. Immense thanks to Kieran who woke up on Saturday morning to my text and held nothing back but shared all his experience and materials with detailed walk through. This built my confidence and brought clarify to my story. Thank you all, God bless you and continue to prosper you. Most of all, I say a gazillion thank you to my beloved and kindest sister and friend Gracious who brought me to this platform and introduced me to all. Constantly encouraging me to speak to people and keep up hope. Thanks Gracious, may God continue to honour you in all your ways and perfect all that concerns you in Jesus name. Thanks all, the task has only just begun.Daniel .A
  • Best success story ever!!! Be inspired My case is different! My testimony has arrived. God has completely destroyed job stagnation and has put a new song in my mouth. I have been offered a role as a GDPR Advisor with RSSB in London. I lost count of applications and interviews I attended but to God be the glory I landed this job with my FIRST GDPR interview. To God be all the glory, never give up, keep pressing on and your breakthrough will come. Wale God richly bless you for been a blessing and I know God will reward you beyond your imagination.John .H
  • Hi wale. How are u. U know my contract finished in December.  Just got back from naija and got an interview at BNPPF  couple of days ago.  Got d job  cyber risk analyst     Same agency I used b4 with u as ref. They didn’t mail you then but they might do this time.  Got you down as one of my reference.
    Victor. O
  • I’m pleased to inform you that I have been offer a job with a major insurance company.
    I was introduced to smartlearning in March 2016 and I went through the GRC training, although I have always been a project manager but I’ve had to face redundancy on two occasions, then I thought I needed to learn something new that will give me more opportunities in the market. Infosec ticks all the boxes as per career change but then I don’t have a background in IT but thank God for Wale who encouraged me and showed me how my PM skills can become relevant in the world of Infosec. I must be honest here it’s not been a walk in the park at all, GRC training was just 4 Saturdays followed by online vulnerability management training but the learning process does not end there. The good thing is that Wale don’t just train and hands off, but he supports continually until you land the job. I started applying after GRC and interviews kept coming, i attended quite a few but there wasn’t any breakthrough. At some point I thought of quitting and concentrating solely on my familiar territory (Project Management) but that was when Wale added me to this platform and by December 2016 we had a training on 3rd party management, which was followed by team assignment and presentation. Well, i am glad to let you know that yesterday was my first day as a 3rd party assurance analyst at an insurance company. This is the import of this short story, never give up. You are just one phone call away from that your desired job, when you get rejected at interviews its all part of the bus stops along the route of success. The NOs will all fit together to form the big YES for you. The knowledge you are getting from this platform is exactly what you’ll need out there. It might interest you to know that one of my core tasks at work is to ensure that our Tier 1 suppliers are GDPR compliant before the end of Q4 i.e. i have to start tailoring my questionnaire and asking the right question.  The opportunities are out there but are we prepared? One thing is sure, every one of us will get opportunities, the question now is are we prepared to take it when it shows up? Thanks to Tunde and Wale for their relentless efforts, and most importantly thanks to God the source of all wisdom. God bless you. 

    Dayo .O

  • Just to let you know, I was offered a role yesterday as GDPR PM to implement for a Government services organisation. Your material was key to success. I listened to your GDPR framework recording and basically used this to answer all the questions I was asked.
    In fact the feedback I got from the employer  was that I was “head and shoulders above all the other candidates” 

    DC .Immanuel.

  • Hi Wale, Praise God!!Just to let you know I just got a BA GDPR Role with a global law firm. It has been a long journey to get to this Promised Land but thank God for people Like you and also for my team mates; Josephine Boyo,Oloade Adeniga,Chinny,Adetokunbo,Harry,Yvone,Thoko,Grace,Juliet,Akinola and all other teams members. Wale thank you for your advice and support and particularly for granting me access to your materials that was very helpful.Thanks for everything. God Bless You and SmartlearningFrancis .P
  • Hi Wale , today I have secured GDPR BA role I am very emotional right now as I have worked very hard for this moment I will provide testimony in due courseI joined Smartlearning in July this year. At that point in time i was in an employment situation which exhausted my time, energy and therefore I was extremely ineffective in other areas of my life. Through hard work and belief in God I was able to overcome the situation I was in and transcend the personal barriers that I had placed in front of my own success to become something more. It is with great joy that today I can announce that I have landed my first role as a BA on a GDPR Programme. The last couple of months have been extremely difficult and at times I almost gave up, but I kept believing that God sent me to this platform for a reason. I do not come from a technical background whatsoever. My hope is that I can use my own story as inspiration to those who are currently looking for a job, wondering when the time will come that they can give their own testimony that anything is possible. Everything you need to get that job you want is provided on the platform. I would like to take the opportunity to thank John, Harry, Wale, Kieron and others for their continued support throughout this difficult period, God bless all of you. And to others on the platform keep striving and keep believing because your time will come sooner than you think.
  • My current contract ends on the 28th, so l updated my CV with more GDPR content  as you advised and have secured an interview with a higher education institution in London for Tuesday next week. They are looking for a PM to come in, look at the plan they have developed, make suggestions, improve on it and then implement it.May l have access to the GDPR Project Plan.Thank you for the training, resources & for reviewing my CV and the advice.Nelly M.
  • Hi Wale. Here’s my success story. Pls keep me anonymous when sharing. I was offered a Data Steward Manager position. I was the 1st person interviewed for the role which consisted of 3 stages by 2 Directors, 1 Senior Manager then Talent Acquisition Manager all in a day as I live far from the where the company is located. I was told they had many people to interview & they would get back to the agency if I was successful. After about 4weeks, the agency called and informed I was offered the role. I will forever be grateful to God . Thanks Wale for the SL platform with all the amazing mentors, resources & network. My confidence and passion has really grown by being part of SL. Hard work pays people!! Your time will come, keep learning and supporting one another. Your success story is next….. Thanks all!!Anne
  • I got to know Mr Wale by divine orchestration when I wanted advice on how to move into information security in 2016. He took his time to explain the process and opportunities and I made up my mind to go for it. I later joined SmartLearning in May 2018. I was employed at the time but in an unfulfilling career. After the training, I got involved in the GDPR project and took a lead role.I did a good amount of self-study and with the grace of God, I got an Information Security Analyst role within a global company.What helped me: Learning as I go through several interviews and building a library of answers from my experience.I want to thank all my mentors Pelumi, Tola and Tunde for their support and guidance from building my CV through to Interview stage. It’s been worthwhile and will encourage anyone looking to share a similar story to never give up. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my career.

    Bolatilo F.

  • I am so excited to tell you i have secured my 1st contract BA role. I started a new BA role last week and now this contract. I bless God. Thanks for your immense support and for having me on your platform. I really appreciate that.It’s a digital transformation role, however, GDPR gave me an edge as i was asked about my GDPR experience which i narrated and one of the interviewers said he quite like my breadth of knowledge.Many thanks to Harry, John and all your crew on Smart Learning. You all rock.Tips: Maduka said to me, just go in there like a Consultant and not a Job Applicant. Tell them solution to their problem rather than question and answer scenario and it worked 🙂

    I wish everyone here amazing success stories and trust God, He is continuously sharing jobs here.

    Bless y’all

    Didi U.

  • Thank you for all your support and encouragement. My joining Smart Learning through a friend who attends your church was a case of “Nevertheless at your word”I was after Cyber Security but you encouraged me to start with GDPR and you promised to “hold my hands” Thank you for doing so.Over a week ago you and Albert advised me to sort out my CV and start sending it out. What followed could only have been God!Monday 19/02/18: Started sending out my CV after a final go ahead from Wale and Albert.

    Wednesday 21/02/18: received a call from an agency asking if they could put my CV forward.

    Thursday 22/02/18: received a call for a Friday interview. I told them I would not be available as I was catching a flight out of the country that night. They asked if I could do a telephone interview before jetting out. I wasn’t really sure I was ready for an interview but said yes anyway. The rest is history. God gave me the job through the vessel “ Smart Learning”

    Once again I want to use this opportunity to thank Wale (Very Special breed of mankind), Albert (I honestly don’t know how you manage to give the individual attention), John (the videos), Harry (I was encouraged when you mentioned on one of the videos that you got your first job through a telephone interview), Yemi (he actually went to the toilet to take my SOS call!) and team “Application Applicability” – always discussing about interview tips. Thank you also to everyone on the platform.

    I look forward to celebrating with you all on your success stories.

    Felicia A.

  • Hello sir, God has done it. God in His infinite goodness and mercies has given me a job.I would like to thank God for ordering my steps in meeting the great man of God Wale and his wonderful team of mentors (Tunde, Tola, Pelumi, Ade and uncle Albert), your prayer, love, support and encouragement is one of a kind and words are not even enough to express my gratitude.I joined this wonderful family last year and finally plucked up courage to start applying in January thanks to Tunde and his immense support and encouragement.God showed himself strong and gave me a job as an Information Security Analyst.

    To all my Project Fame family and everyone on this platform, you guys rock! And I say a big “THANK YOU” you are all a part of my success story.

    Greater testimonies will continue to be shared on this platform and God shall increase Smartsafe and Smartlearning on every side.

    Thanks and God bless you all.

    Joyce A.

  • I joined the group mid 2017. At the time I was in an employment situation that was unfulfilling in many ways, but after a referral from a friend I decided to take a leap of faith and see what SmartLearning could offer me in terms of a career change. I then attended the GDPR training webinars and took part in some of the practical project work and during this, I decided to leave my job and dedicate myself full time to learning as much as possible in cyber security. Having come from a non-IT background, there were many hurdles to overcome in terms of understanding many of the concepts but with hard work and God’s grace I was able to land a GDPR BA assignment initially for a six month period. Using the materials from the SmartLearning shared drive I continued learning as I was on the job and managed to stay for over one year. It is with great pleasure that I can announce that I have landed a DPO/Security Analyst role which should allow me to develop in the Cyber Security field even further. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Wale and especially John and Harry for their continued guidance and mentorship throughout the personal journey.Kenny K.
  • Good news guys!!!Kieron got a job 🤣🤣🤣🤣.PM/BA Cyber Security/PCI DSS/ GDPRI come from a non-technical background. I was told about Wale’s Information Security course by a colleague while working in Virgin. 5mins later I gave him a call. The first question I asked him was _“Wale I’ve seen a role on Jobserve for £600 per day, bearing in mind that I am non-technical and have zero knowledge of Infosec, is it possible?_ His response was _“Yes it’s possible”_ . I was sceptical at first but after a long spell of deliberating I decided to enrol. The rest is history.

    I haven’t hit the £600 pd mark YET, but I am humbled, proud and THANKFUL to God to announce that I am now officially apart of the 6 figure salary club (£1***,000k pa contract, I’ll leave the * to your imagination.)

    *Please understand this is NOT to brag (It is not in my nature to do so). If truth be told the last 4 months has been extremely difficult financially. I want this message to impact and inspire you to get the same or if not more. I am a living testimony. IF I CAN DO IT. YOU CAN!!!!*

    After finishing course, I became very active assuming the role of Programme Manager for Smart Learning.

    But sometimes life throws challenges at you, and after a while I became very stressed. I went 3 months not applying or studying for any Infosec/GDPR roles, and I became less active on the Smart Learning platforms. Until one day my phone rang, and it was Wale on the other line. He was very concerned and sensed that something was wrong. He gave me some words of encouragement and advice that I will never forget (Thanks Bro). After the conversation I began studying intensely for 1 week. The following week I started applying and was put forward for 3 interviews. The first interview I attended went extremely well. The interview was scheduled for 45mins but lasted just over 1 hour. I blew them away with my knowledge that I had learnt from watching the archived Smart Learning GDPR webinars. I was unsuccessful for that role, but out of 8 candidates I was told that I was in the top 2 (Not bad for a week’s revision).

    My second interview I was told had to be re-scheduled to the following Wednesday. It just so happened (Grace of God) that the very same organisation had asked Harry who is also from Smart Learning to attend an interview the day before mine (Tuesday). He recorded the interview and sent me the recording. Our positions were different, but it enabled me to get a rough understanding of what they wanted. Needless to say, I smashed the interview!!!!

    *I would just like to Thank Wale for being a great teacher and a blessing to my life. I really appreciate everything you have done. May God continue to bless you!!!*

    I would also like to send a Special shout out to: Rich & Tonte Abban, Harry, Tommi/Tommi’s Mother, Tunde, Ayo, John, Harry, Tola & Lanre. And the rest of the Smart Learning Family!!! Thank you for being an inspiration!!!


  • I want to first thank God and the team at Smartlearning. God has just blessed me with a contract infosec BA role.The interview was a chat as the interviewer loved my knowledge of security controls and access management. All which I learned from Wale during my GDPR training.Wale always says no knowledge is wasted and he is very correct. I will be honest and say that whenever Wale digressed into core infosec during his trainings I used to feel it was not what I signed up for but boy was I so wrong as it was those ‘digressions’ that formed my success story.Three of us had our interview prep together last week-Nick, Maduka and I and all three have gotten success stories from that interview prep.

    I would like to appreciate Harry, John, DC and all who supported me in this journey. Only God can reward you all.

    My advice to those still trusting God for their success stories is to take every part of the training as necessary as you don’t know which area God has planned for you.

    Louis N.

  • Hello Wale, I have been offered a role as a contract GDPR Project Manager. I am just humbled and speechless. Over the past week, I have been getting calls from recruiters wanting to put me forward for interviews. This is in contrasts to before I joined smart learning when i was getting nothing.I had been desperate to join this platform since Jo Boyo landed her role but money was tight, thankfully you made entry easier.I actually wobbled when asked about my work history however this was after i delivered a strong consultancy approach on GDPR to the interviewers. My confidence and knowledge saw me through. All the resources on the platform are gold. If you learn them well you will certainly outshine the competition. Those mock interview questions are solid – please take the time to go through them, they will give you a massive edge in an interview.A special thank you goes out to the mentors, i was humbled by the number that attended the mock interview session. To my sister Jo Boyo, thank you for landing your job – it brought me out of a coma and made me sit up.

    To you Wale (de main Man), thank you for sharing what you know and thank you for this platform. You have changed my life like you don’t know. God bless you and your family.

    I start on Monday after the background checks.

    Maduka E.

  • Thanks to you Wale and your SL team (John Hammond, Harry Boje, Shogaolu, Pelumi) for the various roles you collectively played in reinforcing my conviction that with sheer determination, it is possible to aspire and aim high, very high.I was offered a BA contract role within a Bank’s *Credit and Counterparty Risk* space of the BASEL Capital Adequacy program. I am specifically tasked with a raft of activities around the coveted *RWA* – Risk Weighted Asset matters.The journey has been one of my life’s most challenging adventures. That’s no exaggeration.You will not believe what it took me to attend 8-pm Webinar trainings, when in fact my work usually start around 5-6pm. I have listened to the trainings in the most unusual places and set of circumstances. Shift work nearly messed up the dream. Tunde will recall one DDQ session when work Fire Alarm went off non-stop and had to end the session.

    The times when caller01, caller 02 attempted to log in to webinars were me trying to establish connection in all manners of ways – ipad, iphone etc, just so I don’t miss out. All of these efforts at the risk of getting sacked due to prohibitions around use of electronic devices, especially Mobile phones. I couldn’t care less because I wanted out of the shift job anyway. I worked on weekends too and I couldn’t determine my shift in advance more than a few days notice.

    There were times I’m sure I came across as an *unserious trainee* but I was battling some nasty odds but the goal was fixed.

    I was determined to leave that *Blue-collar shift* environment forced on me by life’s situation outside my influence. I kept pushing and praying. It was emotionally draining given I worked within International Trade Finance in a Bank in Nigeria. So Blue-collar space wasn’t for me but life’s journey sometimes can be hard & ironic.

    Your passion for Cyber is out of this world. Soft-spoken John knows his stuff and I enjoyed his trainings. Baba Harry is a guru. Pelumi shared his motivating experience in one of his trainings and encouraged us to try harder. Tunde is like my former HeadMaster disciplinarian – I needed that kick not to be slow or sentimental, just deliver. Nice one bro. What a team you have!

    In line with my long-term goals, please what will I need to access *PSD2 and Penetration Testing training videos*. Please remember I’m a super feather lightweight as you think about this favour biko. Na beg I beg.

    If my boring story inspires anyone on the forum, I’m happy for you to share.

    Knowing you is in my view of one my biggest assets and as I try to settle down into this new role, I’ll require all manners of assistance and may reach out, please no vex in advance.

    I hope to be part of the SL Project under GRC umbrella and have submitted an application.

    O Majek.

  • Hi Wale!!! I don’t have enough words to thank you for the guidance and in-depth support you gave me during my GDPR job search. I watched your videos on Framework and DPIA implementation. With these 2 as my basis, I wrote my cv and started applying for jobs. I was able to crack 2 interviews easily and the panel members were very impressed with the methodical approach of the framework (which I literally repeated based on your videos). I now have 2 offers on hand and am going ahead with one of them. This is just the beginning and I am sure whilst I am on the job, there will be challenges/questions on which I would need your and Albert’s guidance. The immense support that both of you have given is unparalleled which I have not seen in any other training company.This unique feature is what I definitely feel sets SMART LEARNING apart from the crowd. Wishing you, Albert and all my other colleagues on the group all the best. I sincerely pray that you are flooded with more and more success stories!!!! Thankyou.Rao.
  • I joined SmartLearning GDPR training around September last year ( thanks to Jamel) after trying to switch to IT Security for a while. The training was so good that I have joined at least 2 other training courses since then. During this time, I have seen more than 50 people get jobs on this platform and was looking forward to the day mine would come. Come February this year, I had 4 interviews in 1 week and I was able to secure 2 jobs at the same time after an interview prep by mentors on this platform. I was also able to pass my CISSP exam a week after got those jobs. I can’t thank Wale and his team enough for the change they have brought to my life. I pray God will continually reward you in all your endeavours. I will like to encourage anyone looking for a new role not to give up and continue to persevere in their pursuit.
  • I joined SmartLearning GDPR training around September last year (thanks to Jamel) after trying to switch to IT Security for a while. The training was so good that I have joined at least 2 other training courses since then. During this time, I have seen more than 50 people get jobs on this platform and was looking forward to the day mine would come. Come February this year, I had 4 interviews in 1 week and I was able to secure 2 jobs at the same time after an interview prep by mentors on this platform. I was also able to pass my CISSP exam a week after got those jobs. I can’t thank Wale and his team enough for the change they have brought to my life. I pray God will continually reward you in all your endeavours. I will like to encourage anyone looking for a new role not to give up and continue to persevere in their pursuit.Seun F
  • Hi WaleI trust that you are well.  I have good news!!Many thanks to you for having the vision to teach your first GDPR class.  Fast forward almost 3 years later, I have landed an Information Governance role with a large organisation.    When I joined your training, I thought I was going to be a GDPR Project Manager, but God had other plans for me.  I secured a BA role instead and the story just got better; after the project ended the company asked me to lead their Governance and Compliance team as the Information Governance Lead.   I did this for 8 months but set my sights on new challenges as I was not being challenged anymore.The funny thing is, when I applied for this new role I’m starting soon, I cancelled their interview the day before as I could not make it.   The company phoned me to ask why I had cancelled and said they still wanted to see me.   When I got to the interview, I got there late as I was held up in traffic.  To be honest, anything and everything that could go wrong, went wrong that day!!  But when God has a plan for you, it doesn’t matter what’s in front of you, *HE* makes a way. 

    I just wanted to say thank you so very much for imparting your knowledge to all of us and may God continue to guide you in all you do.  To everyone else who encouraged me, thank you

    I’m so grateful and wanted to show my gratitude by sending you this thank you note.  Thank you a million times. 

    Please keep me anonymous.

    Stay blessed!

    Grace Garande.

  • It’s my pleasure to inform that I recently secured a role as a DLP Business Analyst role with one of the biggest retail business in the country. I had worked as a business analyst in my previous roles but have never worked on any cyber security program. I joined SmartLearning through a friend (Betty Hammond) and I can say it’s one of the best decisions I have made this year in terms of my career progression. Prior to the interview I had to go through the slides and the videos and also spoke to Wale and another member of the platform. The discussions enabled me to build DLP task examples and this in turn enabled me to clearly show case previous experience. Smart Learning clearly opened me up into cyber security and enabled me to start on a new path. I would like to encourage everyone of us to try and remember the real-life examples discussed during the training sessions and prepare responses for likely questions depending on the job spec and role type you’re applying for. The Lord is our strength, I believe that with some self-application that our prayers will be answered. 

    Many thanks to all our trainers and the support, God bless you all immeasurably. 

    Ikenna O.

  • I have been trying to change my career from finance for a long time into project management and it looked like a dream that can’t happen because the economy doesn’t give you that flexibility unless you change your career internally with your current employer which does not happen in most cases. I registered with a project management training provider in my quest for this change and did not get a job as planned but I did not give up. My husband had registered with Smartlearning for the GDPR training course, he was so impressed by the course content and delivery that he recommended I join the next batch of training, that was how I became an alumnus of SL and I have not regretted the decision for once. I was trained in GDPR, worked on one of the projects (this brought my previous project management training to live) and I have been mentored and supported in my job search journey by Wale and the team. Now I can share my own success story to the Glory of God. I want to thank the team especially Oga Wale and Oga Albert, they have both being instrumental in this journey. I am elated, my faith is built that with God nothing is impossible, and that delay is never denial. I also want to thank the Smartlearning GDPR project management team n Yvonne. I look forward to working on other projects as I continue to hone my skills.Bolaji F.
  • Dear Wale and management team ,thank you for the continual strategic training.
    I have been able to progress my cyber security career because of your continual learning and Alumni initiatives .
    I secured two contracts within two weeks of leaving my previous contract .
    I am currently a security project manager for a major financial services client with a remit of Cyber Security and PCI DSS .
    Your training is second to non, with continual learning and development .
    Once again thank you .
    Patrick Campbell
  • Hi Wale, God has used your platform to bless me again, I just secured my second contract from this platform, I just secured my dream job of working in an insurance company. I went for an interview that was supposed to last for an hour but after 24 minutes they finished the interview and before I got to my car the agency called to offer me the role. I want to thank you boss for this platform and not forget my mentors ,Harry and Louis for all their help, I am now an IAM security analyst.Thank you all and for those still searching keep at it and don’t give up.
    Nick E.
  • My Success Story!!!!!
    Be motivated, Be Inspired and it’s never too late!!!
    It’s a Supply Chain Business Analyst role with multinational Digital Technological Manufacturing Services, United Kingdom.
    First and foremost, my profound gratitude goes to God Almighty for life and endless love.
    Secondly, I would like to thank my wife for her tremendous support, encouragement and understanding throughout this journey.
    I would want to appreciate Mr Samuel Omolere for his initiatives to create this amazing collaborating platform which have transformed people’s lives positively. God will continue to bless you abundantly.
    How do I start the genesis of my Journey?
    I had my certifications in Software Testing, Business Analysis and Agile prior to my joining SMARTLEARNING. I had a change of mind to go for job hunting after my return from Nigeria (Jan-March) and I contacted Nick who introduced me to this platform.
    After contacting Wale, I decided to be trained as GDPR Consultant with the intention of securing a job before the deadline of May 25.Unfortunately, that didn’t happen before the deadline. However, the skills i acquired from the training helped me to secured this job.
    I worked on 4 work streams namely Data Inventory, Develop & Maintain Notices and Lead BA Consent/Legal Basis, Lead BA Data Breach Management and Information Security.
    I would want to appreciate people who I have learnt one thing or the other from during this journey; Harry Boje, John Hammond, Albert(My personal person)-Agile Project Management, Yvvone who was always available to attend to my queries and my amazing colleagues, Olushola, Felix whom i am currently working with in ProjectSmart, Tonga, Abi , Abimbola, Juliet, FADEKE, Funmi etc
    Finally, thank you Wale for your love. May God continue to bless you and your household in Jesus name …Amen
    Ray Aghatise
  • Hi Wale, just wanted to say I was offered another role yesterday. Although it’s a Project Support (PMO) Role. One of the directors who interviewed me , who would be my line manager, was very interested and excited about my GDPR knowledge and experience. Thank you again for your platform. God bless you.
  • God has finally done it. To God be all the glory.
    I just got an offer as a Digital Business Analyst with the largest automotive company in the UK. It’s been an interesting journey but finally got there. Anytime I read success stories, it encourages me and I will be like if God can do it for them He can do it for me. My philosophy is we are all on a journey and everyone will get off at their Bus stop. I must say that it was not easy as this is a total career change.
    Persistence they said is the key to success.
    When preparation meets opportunity that birth success.
    I attended many interviews without success but I didn’t give up. I just believe it was going to happen when & how was what I don’t know.
    Thank you Wale & the team. You all contributed to the success.
    No knowledge is lost. Every little knowledge here and there all adds up. You don’t know when & where one knowledge can come in handy.
    To everyone, don’t give up, keep pushing, keep learning . Delay is not denial.
    Your success stories will surely come.
    Grace O.
  • Dear God father of success (Adewale), Our God has done it. I secure a GDPR BA role with Yorkshire water on the 28th Feb and will start in a week. I attended a Telephone interview with the view of a face to face as the next level but the interviewer decided that I performed exceptionally well and offered me the role straight away.
    My Journey started when I left my job for a PPI role which was not successful and then I was introduced to your platform in September, went through the training and attended interviews until I went back to the basis which is listened to the recorded mock interviews and the training sessions on the G-Drive. The Mock interview with your voice and that of , John, Albert, Harry, DC, Yvette and others kept ringing in my head during the interview, it was like you guys were physically there with me.
    Guys God is with Smartlearning, every week is good news after Wale’s weekly prayer and encouragement and I thank God you’re reading the first of mine as look forward to God’s continuous grace in this career. Please listen to the recorded training and mock over and over again, jot down points and make up your own story. Success awaits every one of us. Once again Thanks to Wale, Harry, John, Albert, DC-Emmanuel, Yvette and others.
    Michael F.
  • Praise God!!! God has indeed done it again for us at Smartlearning. After the telephone interview, I was offered the job to start immediately!!! Please I want to remain anonymous until the references and clearance is done. Thanks  and God bless.
    Tonte A.
  • Hello Wale,
    I Joined smart learning at the beginning of August. Went through a detailed work based training with Wale. As soon as the training ended, I started looking for a new role in GDPR. I was fortunate to get an interview with an investment bank and I contacted Wale for more assistance on certain areas I needed clarity on.
    Wale was very supportive and invited me to attend an interview session with the guru’s i.e. John, Harry and Wale. They were really helpful and gave me loads of tips.
    I attended the interview and to God be the Glory, I was called by my agent and was told that I have been given the role and the client wants me to start ASAP.
    I want to use this medium to thank smart learning/Wale, John, and Harry. I am really grateful for all the support and knowledge this platform has given me.
    Thank you wale, your training was very in-depth, your implementation framework was what I used, I also accessed the documents shared on G-drive e.g. the PIA, etc. I am really grateful. 

    Thank you so much
    Martin Joe