Course description

This is a PSDII (2015/2366/EC) course that is designed to provide students a thorough overview and detail knowledge of what PSD means in today’s economic, commercial and banking sectors. Focused on equipping you with real-world knowledge of the impact, scope and practices of PSDII. You will gain practical knowledge and skills supervise PSD II compliance and service portfolios in related industries.

Course content

  • Introduction to Payments Service Directive
  • Overview of PSD II
  • Detailed Look at PSDII
  • PSDII Objectives, Applications & requisites
  • Customer Data Access and Third-Party Providers (TTPs)
  • Requirements for Access to Account (XS2A)
  • Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) and Account Information Service Providers (AISP)
  • Requirements of Strong Customer Authentication
  • Studying technical standards of open banking: Overview of Regulatory Technical Standard (RTS)
  • Application Programming Interface (API) Impact
  • Multilateral Interchange Fees Regulation
  • The Four Corners Model & MIFs with Regulatory Scope
  • Security Overview: PSDII Framework
  • Security & Operational Risks: Understanding Authentication & Authorization, Fraud Control, & Incident Reporting

Course Objectives

  • Fully comprehend the PSDII framework core objectives and connect them with the impact payment service providers have of open banking APIs
  • Fully comprehend Strong Customer Authentication pre-requisites
  • Comprehensively understand how PSDII frameworks are connected to MIF regulations
  • Develop understanding of how the payment ecosystem is affected by PSDII regulations

Target audience

  • Cybersecurity Analysts | Penetration Testers | Security Assurance Specialists | SOC Analysts
  • Software Testing Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts

Location / Delivery

  • Online

Start date

  • June 28, 2020


  • 2 hours per day across seven days


  • £425.00 £850.00