Course description

This course is designed to provide students the skills and knowledge to optimize organizational security as well as make critical resources access simpler than before by means of Identity Access Management (IAM) and Identity Management (IDM) strategy implementation. Students will be taught to execute Single-Sign-On (SSO) protocols through a firm foundation built on applicable Federated Identity Management (FIM) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) practices. The course will also teach the students fundamentals of authentication and access control with specific focus on security.

Course content

  • Overview of IAM
  • Significance of IAM in Information Security
  • Introduction to Identity Lifecycle Management
  • User Identification Guidelines
  • Introduction to Implementing Identity Management
  • Overview of Access Control Typology
  • Introduction to IAM Programs
  • Phases of IAM Implementation
  • IAM Governance
  • IAM Implementation in Cloud Environments
  • Critical IAM Success Factors

Course Objectives

  • Implementing IAM to secure access control of IT resources
  • Understanding logical access and physical control of assets
  • Understanding people and device identification and authentication
  • Implementing and managing authorization mechanisms
  • Understanding prevention of access control attacks
  • Understanding techniques to gather IDM requirements
  • Implementing IDM in cloud environments
  • Developing IAM governance frameworks

Target audience

  • IAM Consultants
  • IAM Project Managers
  • IAM Business Analysts

Location / Delivery

  • Online

Start date

  • May 11, 2020


  • 2 hours per day across five days


  • £425.00 £850.00

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