Is Cyber Security the graduate career for me?

In this era of growing technology, cybercrime is on the rise too. From phishing and scams to identity theft and ransomware, there have been numerous cybercrime attack reports, where people are left with little or no cybersecurity.

Our everyday growing dependency on the digital world, and the increase in these attacks have not only on individuals, but also on huge business firms and government infrastructures, has stressed the importance of cybersecurity.

Though deciding a graduate career path could be a difficult task with several options available these days; cybersecurity is an amazing choice to consider too keeping in view its increasing demand and also high pay as a cherry on top.

First and foremost, cybersecurity is an emerging field and hence there is always a need for advanced personnel for guaranteeing safety. The demand for cybersecurity professionals is now extremely high, and is expected to keep on growing in coming time.

Cybersecurity jobs do not solely refer to dealing with cables and wires, as some might think. The jobs can range from entry-level ones and going to the top of the ladder to being CEOs of a firm. There is also a huge variety of skillset one can choose and specialize in. Also, these experts are needed in almost any of the fields be it government, banking, education, corporate, hospitality and more.

The field of cybersecurity branches out into various segments such as information security, ethical hacking, cybersecurity consultant, digital forensics, social engineering and so much more. This job variety offers many options to choose from and provide all round job satisfaction.

Secondly, the cybersecurity jobs are high paying too, with almost zero unemployment level in this field. Cybersecurity specialists get a handsome amount of paycheck, since the demand is higher than the supply, and is expected to increase more in the years to come.

The field of cybersecurity accounts for constant learning. Often one is faced with a new challenge, new threats, and new measure to counter them, so cybersecurity personnel always have to stay up to date and keep up with the never ending learning.

If you are confused over if cybersecurity is the right graduate career for you or not, then maybe you should look into some of our own hidden skills. If you possess a knack for things such as coding, or understanding web apps, this might be a sign for you. Also if you have an eye for detail, you can consider this field as it will benefit you in reading and analyzing data easily. It is a field for people who love challenges, you are organized and methodological, and are curious to explore and learn; if you fit in these traits, cybersecurity is definitely the right choice for you.

All in all, a career path in cybersecurity field evidently has its allure. There’s a huge demand for security professionals, and the work can be extremely important too.

It’s similar to the forces defending the country, but here you’re on the front lines of defending private data from trouble.

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