SmartLearning is a leading provider of IT Security training courses. We offer practical, hands on and work experience based training for candidates who want to enhance their career prospects or improve their performance.

Our aim is to act as a human capital development company by offering a wide range of IT security related courses both online and led by an instructor in a classroom setting. Our courses are designed from the scratch up to improve productivity by providing practical, relevant skills that can be immediately applied at the student’s place of work.

Our Candidates

Everything we do is designed with the needs of our candidates in mind. Our training programmes are intended to help people of all backgrounds and abilities achieve their goals in the most time and cost effective manner.

Our Team

Our team has considerable expertise in the field of training and consulting, as well as extensive experience working across a variety of roles in information security. We believe that our mix of trainers and consultants are perfectly suited to deliver the training that industry professionals need.

Our Methodology

SmartLearning takes a unique approach to helping candidates to acquire knowledge and develop skills that we call “Learning by Doing”. This methodology provides guidance on how we develop and execute our courses’ training programmes with a clear learning pathway, from the Foundation level through to the Advance level.

When a student signs up for our training programme, we conduct an initial assessment of his or her skill level. Further assessment will continue throughout the programme. Regardless of the candidate’s prior experience in information security, we aim to produce an action plan for getting to his or her desired level.


We begin by carrying out an assessment of the candidate’s prior knowledge. This helps us construct a roadmap of development.

In both our online and classroom training we seek to deliver a practical work environment by engaging our students in a live project. This will use varous consultancy frameworks to bring together all aspects of working in information security.

We seek to establish a relationship of trust with our candidates in order to help us support them throughout their experience with SmartLearning.

We seek to establish a relationship of trust with our candidates in order to help us support them throughout their experience with SmartLearning.

Our learning approach is designed to produce immediate results as well as a long term increase in performance. Every step in the methodology can be customised to fit the unique needs of a client’s business and its market.


  • We employ various consultancy frameworks to incorporate all aspects of working in information security.
  • Candidates work in house on live projects.
  • We closely monitor students’ knowledge using the SmartLearning Skill Matrix and SmartLearning assessment.
  • We mentor candidates through the SmartLearning Connect, Learn & Mentor (CLM) programme. This includes CV review and interview preparation.
  • We provide comprehensive support for students during their time with SmartLearning.
  • Every SmartLearning candidate becomes a part of the Smart Network and is offered continuing skills development.

Consulting service

Our parent company, SmartSafe Consultancy, delivers InfoSec consultancy services to clients in the UK and within emerging markets. SmartLearning offers candidates the opportunity to gain practical work experience on a voluntary basis after they have completed their training.