About Us

We are SmartLearning.

Our mission is to develop human capital. We do this by enhancing the skills, knowledge and prospects of people who want to have great careers as IT security practitioners.

This means that we offer a comprehensive array of specially designed IT security training programmes at every level. And, because we also focus on the effective transfer of learning into the workplace, each of our programmes is enhanced with practical, hands-on and work experience-based training, too.

But we don’t stop there. Our trainees also benefit from a strong mentoring programme, a lively online community of practice and a rich online toolbox of resources for skills and career development.

Our Candidate

We are inclusive. Our training programmes are designed to help people of all backgrounds and abilities achieve their goals quickly and cost-effectively.

Our team

We are a diverse team of IT experts. We all have our specialisms but one thing we share is a passion to develop other people. We are active and experienced in the IT security sector, and between us, we have covered about every role. SmartLearning instructors have at least 12 years’ industry training experience.

Our learning principles

Our training is built on three learning principles:


You can’t get to where you want to go until you know where you are. When you study with us, we help you identify who you are, what you want, and how to get there.

Blended learning

We recognise that everyone is different. Everyone has different commitments, learning needs and styles. So, our learning is a blend of methodologies: online, classroom, experiential, mentoring and reflection.

Real-life problems

We recognise the effectiveness of applied learning. So, our training includes built-in live projects or simulated environments to give our students the maximum experience of practical, real-world problem solving.

Our learning principles in action

We have developed a three-step approach to training:


We begin by thoroughly assessing your current level of knowledge, skills and also your interests. You will learn your strengths, your aptitudes and the areas you might like to develop. From this we will create a learning roadmap to guide your professional development.


We help you improve your knowledge, skills and confidence through a variety of learning methodologies:
Learn from anywhere: our online training is accessible and flexible, delivered through webinars.

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We support your progress through regular assessments and 121 feedback. If there are problems, we will fix them together.

Why choose SmartLearning?

Our mission is not to get learning bums on seats or to churn out a series of unskilled people. Our mission is to develop human capital – to help people grow and flourish. So, yes, it is about developing skills. But it is also about helping people choose the career path that is right for them and give them the skills and confidence to succeed.

You will receive quality training. That is a given. But you will also be fully supported through:

Jobskills coaching: We help you with all aspects of job-hunting and career-building, including job application support and interview skills.
On-the-job support. When you start your new job we will mentor you to help you develop a mature, practical problem-solving approach to your tasks.
Extreme exam prep: You will get free exam readiness testing through revision bootcamps, you will be coached on exam-taking skills and have advanced access to all course and revision material. Our pass rates are industry-leading: 95% of our students pass their certificate on their first attempt.

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